Way in iGROW

Written on 01/01/2021
MentesMe Organisation

Focus on YOUR way forward

Now its getting serious; the first steps in real live. You have thought about where to grow on (Goal), why you choose this to grow on (Reality), how to do this (Options) and what you selected as the best option to do to reach your goal (Way).

The role of the mentor is one of process facilitator. How is the mentee coping with setbacks? Is he/she rigid or flexible while putting the chosen option(s) into practice? Do feelings of hesitation occur? Before stepping out in the world doing your ‘Way’, let your mentee take time to make it specific and explicit. Lets look into that a bit further. In the former chapter I have explained that science has shown that it is good to write things down. While writing or typing (in modern times), you structure your thoughts. This is because the thoughts in your head are being combined with what your eyes see. Next to that: everything you write down becomes a reality. More conscious information to influence decisions. Thats why it is good to write decisions down on paper.

The mentee should write down what he/she is going to do tomorrow regarding this specific way to reach the described goal. Make time to attend to the motivations to strive for this goal, and why the mentee supports this chosen way. The mentee can be a bit insecure, so spent enough time discussing the way and how to make it work. All the acting is for the mentee, the mentor shows compassion and supports whatever he/she is learning while putting this way into practice. Although the iGROW model is designed to reach a goal, the actual reaching of the goal is not the most important. It is the journey towards the goal. Remember the mentee can jump between the different stages within the iGROW model and fine-tunes the whole process. Leave rigidity outside and be flexible. While using the different stages - but mainly during the Way stage - new goals pop-up. The advice is not to ignore them, but to make inventory of these new goals. Make a digital list and  document them. This will be handy for the next time he/she wants to invite a new mentor to guide him/her on a new journey.