Options in iGROW

Written on 01/15/2021
MentesMe Organisation

Step 1 on realisation

Going through the reality stage can be intense and confronting. The mentee has probably validated her/his goal and is ready to act. A different attitude is needed for this stage. It is about brainstorming and opening up to all kind of possibilities to reach your goals. There is no need to dismiss any option you think about, just make inventory. n interesting challenge comes into play however. It has proven to be very difficult to let judgment go, when brainstorming on the different options. The role of the mentor is clear: activate the mind of the mentee.  And even so important, manage your own judgement regarding the suggested options. If you are limited as a mentor, you will limit your mentee. The mentor can ask the mentee different questions to trigger / activate his/her creativity:

  1. Think of all possible options, without asking yourself if they are possible or not!
  2. Brainstorm Explore with yourself and brainstorm afterwards with your mentor. Try to think outside the box! out of the box
  3. The options to achieve your goals can be in any form or size. All varieties are good!
  4. What are the advantages and disadvantages for your different options?
  5. Which factors do you want to use to cohos between the different options?
  6. What option would you take if nothing held you back?


After this section of the iGROW model the Way (to act) is waiting for you. The last stage which will put your feet on the ground and bring all your effort into practice. Please look at this quote carefully.

Mentoring is about finding your own key, for you to open your door.