Goal in iGROW

Written on 01/17/2021
MentesMe Organisation

 Fundament for realisation of challenges

The first stage step is to look closely where you want to grow on. When the mentee came to this stage he/she is already connected to a mentor on a specific competence. Having invited a mentor because of his/her skill or experience and the experience of trust. It can be so that the mentee knows which competence to improve, but don’t know exactly what the goal is. And how to improve this competence. This stage will create the fundament for a new iGROW.

The role of the mentor is very clear: Activation! It gives the mentor a big challenge, because we like to tell about how we - as mentors - do things. What our experiences are, or were. Our focus as a mentor is a lasting result, durable change for the mentee. Unless you want that every time your mentee has a question he/she will ask you. So please no hints, tips or suggestions. Ask the mentee: Please look at the goal title again! or Please elaborate on the goal description a bit more! or Why are you satisfied with this title and description? The goal description is important because it gives the mentee the fundament to go ahead. It is also import to write them down, because it will structure the mentees thoughts about the goal. I have experienced so first resistance on writing it down, but they were always glad having done it. If you write it down, it becomes real.