Facilitating Style - Stress pattern

Written on 05/15/2019
MentesMe Organisation

The Facilitating Style stress pattern moves in three phases:

  1. If stress arises with the facilitating style, it will become even less dominant and more emotional, so even more extreme a facilitating style.
  2. In the second phase, as the stress worsens, he/she continues to behave in the relationship-oriented style category (the P's and F's). This F will act more like a promotional style and proactively start asking for recognition of his hair ideas. But this doesn't really feel right.
  3. The fact that this F does not show natural behavior only increases the feeling of stress. As a result, he/she will exhibit behavior of the style with which the F has the most difficulty interacting with, namely the Controlling style. The stress only increases because he / she shows more and more behavior that does not fit with his own natural style.

If the F starts to behave like a C, this will irritate him/her extra because the C is in his/her natural allergy zone. If something is not done about this quickly, burnout is not far away.

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