The G in iGROW - Begin with the end in mind


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Steven Covey said in the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People to do this because all emerge from your mental blueprint. You need to align all that is in your body and mind for a common purpose: your personal goal to achieve. And how can you align everything going on in your mind, heart and body if you do not clearly picture your goal? 

So defining your goal is connected to knowing the answer to the question: What is the purpose of .... me? In organisations, it seems to be a much easier question with a much more straightforward answer. But probably, you will be surprised by the different answers you get when asking this question to your teammates at work. 

One of the guidelines for creating a mental blueprint for your goals to achieve is to be aware of your purpose in life. All goals in life will logically emerge from knowing your essential purpose or role in life, your community and your relationship with others. But do not be surprised if your mental blueprint changes again overnight and a couple of days later. Because most people chase short-term goals and are unaware of where they fit into the bigger picture. So, choosing goals can be challenging if you are not connected to your soul purpose. And they are easy if you are!

But life is never easy for those who dare to dream. And Yes, I say: Dare to Dream. Because it can be scary to dream and scary to think about realizing that dream. Most dreams are not reality! That is the essence of a dream. But are they going to be the porch of what's to come?

Personal goals in life are like single bricks for the fundament to build a house on. So take care of your first creation and your first goals to achieve because they determine what's next in line. And sometimes even they block the reaching of the END you have or had in mind. And even blocking the unique person with unique talents of who you are and can become. 

But no one achieves dreams with no intelligent and disciplined action. 

If it is to be, it is up to me.