The 4 Pillars of Social Styles

Written on 12/07/2022
MentesMe Organisation

Insight into Social Styles is essential for being accepted for who you are!

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With only two questions, you can discover your Social Style and the Social Styles of others. To understand other people and create lasting relationships, the social styles app gives you insights into four aspects of each person's personality. 

1. The Psychological Basic Need. This is the basic need a specific style always strives for. Examples are the need for personal recognition, safety & security, results, and the need to be accepted by people around you. Each person can need several of these psychological needs, but every style has a most important one when the going gets tough. And if you want to make genuine contact, you need to acknowledge that need verbally to him or her!

2. The Key Talent. Every style has a prototypical key talent, something others admire them for. If you start a conversation, don't hesitate to praise that key talent because it enhances trust-building.  Who doesn't want to be recognized for his/her key talent? 

3. The Main Challenge. This is the most difficult aspect of every personality because we do not want to be criticized by nature. Or being seen as a person with a weak spot. Even more importantly, we have difficulty accepting 'un-asked' feedback. We only accept feedback from someone we trust when we ask for feedback. But if your relationship is so good that you can see and accept each other's main challenge, you are both in a good place. 

4. The Time Perception. Every social style has a preferred time perspective to talk about and 'live' in. For example, Analytical styles always refer to information and what happened in the past. And how this information from the past is essential, for example, to make a decision. 

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